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Make the most of the efficient financial and scheduling software system developed by technical and financial professionals here at Real Support Choices.
Choose the care you need. Choose your schedule. Keep track of your finances. Do it all with our software.

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More Choice, More Care

A fully compliant financial and scheduling system designed specifically for people
with a disability and disability carer’s needs in mind. Enjoy the benefits of using an organised and easy-to-use software control panel that allows you to work directly with the right people. Gain access to a roster of carers and request schedules for care services easily, with the help of our software.


Manage your own rostering and scheduling
Take control of your roster and schedule when your team works and approve their timesheets. Save time from talking with a number of middlemen and making many phone calls; with our software, you have everything you need to manage your schedules and see who’ll be on duty for the day. Learn more by clicking below.
No hidden charges, complete transparency
Real Support Choices provides a simple, easy way to take full advantage of the NDIS and Aged Care Programs. For People with a Disability or if you are in an Aged Care Program, pay the published NDIS rates so everyone gets a good deal.


Work directly with your participants without bureaucracy
Cut out the middleman making decisions behind a desk and work directly with participants to give the care that is needed, not what is decided by the latest 10 point company plan, or continue on working as you are. Read more by clicking below.
Take control and turn your career into a Business
Transition from employee to boss and take control of your work by knowing exactly who you’re working with and managing your hours. Read more by clicking below.

About Us

Real Support Choices has been developed by a team of financial and technical experts who wanted to build an online system
that manages care schedules and care payments for those receiving aged care and disability funding.

Real Support Choices gives participants the power to manage their own care funding and carers the chance to build their
ideal work environment.

Since we began providing a platform for the elderly, people with disabilities and carers throughout Australia, we have consistently delivered an unmatched solution that has been of great help to its users. Our participants have commended our aged care services for providing a secure, efficient and easy-to-use platform that empowers them to take control of the care they need.

Carers, in their turn, have lauded our disability management software for enabling them to achieve work-life balance, through its scheduling features.

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Carer using Real Support Choices
The old system was difficult; every week we had to type in the timesheets details of our shifts into an excel spreadsheet... Read More
Carer using Real Support Choices
The old way was hard work; I had to type in details into a spreadsheet in a very old fashioned way... Read More
Peter Yeo
The Real Support Choices system helps me to a point where I virtually do not have to do a thing... Read More

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