Online Disability Management System

People who need disability care at home often struggle to find the balance between convenience and control, when looking for the right disability management services. When it comes to disability care management, having one usually means not getting the other. Not having control or the right care leaves participants unhappy, relying heavily on others for access to care; or stressed, as they map through numerous processes and documents when employing a service.

Here at Real Support Choices, we provide a solution for people with disabilities who need convenience, care and control. Our financial planning and scheduling system is designed to provide support and accessibility, empowering users to be involved in employing the care service of their choice. Also, carers can be paid on time with the help of the easy-to-use payment system.

The Solution for People with Disabilities and Carers

online disability managementWhether you’re a person with a disability or a disability carer, you will find our online disability management software to be extremely helpful and easy to use. Our financial and scheduling system is fully compliant with stringent standards and regulations. With a fully functional control panel, participants can easily choose their roster of carers, knowing who’s on duty and who’ll take over after a particular shift.  An electronic link to an easy-to-use payroll system will make carer payments simple.

Our system makes managing your own plan a breeze. If you’re receiving disability funding, you can simply access the control panel to see where your money is going, giving you security, peace of mind and convenience.

If you’re a carer wanting to build a career of your own while maintaining a work-life balance, then our software system is an ideal tool for you. With it, you won’t need to go through the trouble of making decisions with middlemen, letting you get to work immediately. This system also allows you to work directly with participants, providing transparency and open communication between both parties.

Convenience, Care and Control Combined

Our software allows participants and carers to enjoy the perfect balance of convenience, care and control, with its time-efficient and functional features. Here at Real Support Choices, our goal is to empower people with disabilities to have control over their care services, and carers to build a career at their own time.

Backed by the knowledge of technical professionals, our software system has consistently delighted users, who discovered the ease and efficiency of utilising a powerful platform designed to cater to their needs.

If you or anyone you know may be looking for a disability management software system, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with Real Support Choices. We are happy to provide the ideal solution for your needs.